Core Values (SLS)

S.L.S. is the basis of our camp and are a glimpse of the excitement that Camp Rosales has in store. We await the opportunity to welcome your child as one of our campers and for them to experience something new and exciting.


   Strength related to character; strength while participating in different components of the camp; strength gained by comprehension during a new experience; strength felt by the admittance of honesty and truth. This principle requires your child to engage in new and different experiences. Camp Rosales can build the strength of your child.


   Leadership skills gained while attending Camp Rosales is invaluable. Leadership opportunities exist everywhere. We want your child to find those opportunities and seize them. Leadership abilities require thinking and responsibility, confidence and respect. We foster an environment of constant thinking in our programs. We strive to build relationships with everyone who attends our camp hoping your child will open up and begin to establish his/her own relationships, free from stereotypes and misconceptions of the world.


   Success is integrated from the moment our campers join the program. Our program makes success a teachable component that is often forgotten in our day-to-day lives. Success, at camp, is measured in a variety of ways and experienced through the accomplishment of games, lessons, leading, helping and learning! We feel it is importnat to focus on the success component as it teaches our campers that success comes from many facets of our life.

   Camp Rosales builds every year on a rich history obtained through trial and error. We succeed because we have learned from that history. Our campers achieve because we insist while at Camp Rosales they put forth 110%. The reward is well worth the effort.


Kids Weekend
    Founded in 1999, Kids Weekend began as a family-focused incentive weekend. The purpose was simple: if the children successfully completed a grade level then they would partake in a weekend of fun away from parents! The weekend included trips to the Fort Worth Zoo, swimming, ice cream and pizza; really all the things children dream of doing wrapped up in a weekend. My family whole heartedly supported this since it was an opportunity for their kids to do well in school (it was also supported because it was free baby-sitting)! Kids Weekend only lasted 2 years before evolving into something more.
    While attending college, I had the opportunity to join and work with a variety of organizations, groups and jobs. As Resident Advisors, officer, and founder of a spirit organization, I began to understand what leadership skills I naturally possessed and how they were effective. The concept of Kids Weekend was no longer enough, there was something better I could provide for our family.
    The major turning point occurred my first summer at Tarleton State University. One of my advisors was a facilitator for the TSU ropes course. He saw I had the right skill set for the job and after training I became a facilitator. The training received during my stint as a facilitator planted a seed that would grow into a foundation a future Camp Rosales!

Camp Rosales
    Camp Rosales, resident camp was born and held at various state parks (Cleburne and Lake Whitney) lasting 3 days and 2 nights. After 4 years, the campers were no longer family but had expanded to include a church youth group. The-family-style Kids Weekend had matured into a full team-building and leadership resident camp. It took several years for camp to develop a great curriculum and program but now have a mission and focus on our 3 strong core values: Strength, Leadership and Success. These power words are based on many factors and all of them focus on developing our campers into the future leaders of our society.
    After 10 years, Camp Rosales is a Texas Non-Profit Corporation with a mission to be inclusive and welcoming of everyone who is willing to be challenged, have an open mind and ready to experience something great!
   In November 2012, the board submitted the IRS 501c3 application for non-profit tax excempt status. The board has a great future planned for Camp Rosales and this is the first of many exciting steps.